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We Don't Wanna Make You Dance - A Film By Lucy Kostelanetz
Filmmaker Lucy Kostelanetz premiered her first documentary feature SONIA in 2007 in film festivals around the world as well as the MOMA Documentary Fortnight, and is now distributed by The Cinema Guild. Her previous work included two award-winning films for children, REBEKA GOES DOWN THE SLIDE and REBEKA GOES TO CHINA. Lucy also worked at the New York State Council on the Arts during its early creative, idealistic period (1968-1981), and has served twice on the Board of International Film Seminars, presenter of the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, and as their president from 2000-2001.
Lucy Kostelanetz
Lucy Kostelanetz
Jared Dubrino has worked as a film and video editor on both fiction and documentary films. More recently he has been editing series for MTV and National Geographic channels. He worked as in editor on Lucy Kostelanetz's earlier documentary feature, SONIA, in which he created an innovative style of motion graphics, using historical photographs, art work, and archival footage. In WE DON'T WANNA MAKE YOU DANCE, he has taken on the additional role of co-producer as well as co-editor.
Rick Von Kaenel has been a practicing cameraman for roughly 30 years, first in New York and lately in Santa Fe. He writes that one of the pleasures of a documentary cameraman's life is the exposure (pardon the pun) to so many different subjects. Among these have been: game wardens, clairvoyants, wildlife (air, land and sea), indigenous peoples, WWII German resistance, musicians, politicians, more musicians, trains, ghosts, professional athletes, Tibetan monks, and racehorses. Lucy was one of the first directors he worked with starting in 1983 and one of the last when she found him in Santa Fe in 2007 and asked for his help to finish this film started so long ago.
Lucy Kostelanetz
Lucy Kostelanetz
Bari regularly serves as a Consulting Producer to filmmakers in need of guidance on all aspects of the filmmaking process and beyond. She is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who has explored a diversity of subjects in her own work, including Mah-Jongg in Jewish culture (MAH-JONGG: THE TILES THAT BIND, 1998), Buddhist nuns in remote Tibet (DAUGHTERS OF WISDOM, 2007; NANGCHEN SHORTS, 2011), and the 200 residents of a peculiar Alaskan town (THE STRANGEST TOWN IN ALASKA, 2009). She also produced Lee Storey's award-winning feature documentary SMILE 'TIL IT HURTS: THE UP WITH PEOPLE STORY (2009) as well as several TV episodes for Court TV, Channel 4 Britain, VH1, A&E.
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